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Warehouse Assistant

Warehouse Assistant

Dit ga je doen:


Job responsibilities but not limited to: 

  • Collection
    • Collect and load items to collection vehicle safely
    • Coordinate with client in regards to accuracy of items from packing list
    • Notify warehouse supervisor or Business Development Manager if there is discrepancy
  • Receiving
    • Help and assist forklift operator
    • Follow SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) for unloading (e.g. taking photos and/or video)
  • Weighing
    • Assist forklift operator for getting the weight of receiving goods
    • Prepare Receiving and Weighting Reports
  • Sorting
    • Arrange and sort items received and check against packing list
    • Test items *If needed as per CRF (Customer Requirement Form)
    • Prepare Sorting List
    • Arrange sorted/tested items to its proper location
  • Processing
    • Properly, safely, and efficiently operate the processing machines (e.g. shredding, baler, etc.) and tools (e.g. drills, grinders, wrenches, cutters, clamps, calipers, pliers, templates, molds, paint sprayers, punches, hammers, and/or welding equipment)
    • Follow the SOP of the process based on CRF
    • Adhere to the safety rules set by the company
    • Conserve resources and supplies to facilitate minimum waste
  • Safety, clean and maintenance:
    • Keep the working environment safe and clean at all time by complying with procedures, rules, and regulations
    • Inform supervisor(s) of any part or equipment defects to ensure prompt response to the problem
    • Maintain and service all equipment when necessary

Qualifications and skills: 

  • High school or equivalent diploma required
  • 2+ years’ experience in general warehouse and/or assembly work or specialized training
  • Ability to commit to flexible schedule and prompt arrival for shifts (in case any)
  • Experience with power and hand tools a plus
  • Basic math and communication skills required

Please send your CV to: